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Abby Martin On Venezuela

Abby Martin was recently on Joe Rogans podcast, she talked in depth about her work in Venezuela and how the truth of the situation is vastly different from what the media would have us believe.

If you take some time to check out the comments on this YouTube clip you will see it has been heavily trolled, with a 2:1 Like/Dislike ratio and an abundance of hatred thrown at her comments you really should take what she claims seriously. Because its clear from the hundreds of comments from these make belief perfect English writing Venezuelans who fled their oppressive Country for salvation that someone does not want the truth about the situation to be known.

Has Abby got it 100% right about the situation, I doubt it – but you can be sure that she tells a far more accurate account of the situation than the US Government lapdog Mainstream Media.

You can watch the full interview with Abby Martin HERE

You can find Abby’s work over on her 100% Independent media organisation The Empire Files

Abby is not the only one to enter Venezuela and find a very different picture to the one we are being spoon fed, remember all the empty shelves in food markets – well The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal investigated a giant supermarket in Caracas:

Please check out our article from earlier in the year on the Venezuelan crisis and please, let us know what you think about Abby Martins view on the situation in Venezeula in the comments below.


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