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This page will contain real research in to the UFO phenomenon, including real images and video that have been submitted by our team and viewers.

  • We will explorer the question of if these sightings are man made, extraterrestrial or both.
  • We will explore many of the topics surrendering this subject, such as, is there a pending alien invasion false flag to bring in a new world order one world government?
  • We will debunk the misinformation currently being promoted by popular UFO groups, such as the fake Mars images showing structures and lifeforms.
  • We will investigate the fake alien abductions promoted by the media to create fear.
  • We will ask questions like, why is there literally nothing leaked about aliens by organisations such as Wikileaks?
  • We will look in to the science of alien technology and how it was already theorised by Einstein a century ago.
  • Are we genetically engineered by/from aliens?

Bookmark us and see us explore the unexplored.



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