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January, 2019

  • 1 January

    The Age Of AI Sex Robots Is Nigh

    This has been a long time coming, but finally, the time is upon us. Sex dolls are nothing new, they have been largely associated(rightly or wrongly) with Stag Nights within the western culture or lonely seedy old men. However, as with the normalisation of pornography, sex toys and orgies, the Sex Doll has been brought out of the dark ages …

August, 2015

  • 19 August

    Children as young as seven should get sex education, Yvette Cooper says – Telegraph

    Labour leadership candidate reveals proposal as she announces five-point women’s equality plan, pledging to keep using the “f-word” – feminism The shadow home secretary and leadership candidate also wants all teenagers to be taught about the dangers of “revenge porn” while in school. Currently sex education is only compulsory for children aged 11 and above, meaning Ms Cooper’s plan would …