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September, 2015

  • 6 September

    Abusing Dead Syrian Children 

    Images are a powerful tool in the hands of propagandists. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. If a powerful image can be manipulated to tell a tale even if false, it can persuade more viscerally than can a thousand reasoned arguments. So it is with the tragic photograph making the mainstream media rounds of a …

August, 2015

  • 27 August

    Scotland Yard recruiting convicted terrorists to counter ISIS propaganda

      UK police are recruiting convicted terrorists in prison and employing them following their release to develop a ‘counter-narrative’ to extremist propaganda efforts. “We are more likely to have success, as we do, with those who have been radicalized here and those who have been to prison,” Commander Richard Walton, head of the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command, told the Evening …

  • 18 August

    How the BBC showed propaganda films – but didn’t tell its viewers

    International broadcasters including the BBC repeatedly broke the Ofcom code by screening programmes funded by foreign governments, charities and NGOs, an investigation has revealed. News films and documentaries were acquired for nominal fees and the identity of the funders not disclosed to the audience – in what has been dubbed a “£1 programme scandal”. Ofcom has uncovered nearly 50 breaches …