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January, 2016

  • 18 January

    Hatton Garden heist leader ‘found sick pics of Tory child abuser’ in 1971 raid

    Brian Reader, known as The Guv’nor, and his gang left the pictures on the floor for police to find – only for the Tory Cabinet minister’s crimes to be hushed up Hatton Gardens heist boss Brian Reader was horrified when his gang broke into a bank vault and found sickening photos of a leading politician abusing children. But the notorious …

  • 15 January

    Lord Janner ‘abused 12 at children’s homes’ 

    Twelve former residents of children’s homes say they were abused by Lord Janner, a BBC investigation has found, as criminal proceedings end. The peer, who died before a court could examine claims of child abuse against him, regularly visited homes in Leicester in the 1970s and 1980s. An ex-police officer says he reported suspicions about Lord Janner, a decade before …

  • 14 January

    Japanese company manufactures lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles

    A Japanese company produces lifelike child sex dolls – claiming they prevent paedophiles from offending. Shin Takagi has shipped anatomically-correct sex dolls of girls as young as five to clients around the world for more than a decade. In an interview with The Atlantic, he described how he set up the Japense company Trottla because of his own attraction to children …

  • 1 January

    Senior Labour politician accused of covering up Sir Peter Morrison child rape allegations

    Peter McKelvie has given permission to publish a letter he sent to a senior Labour politician on 3rd August. No reply has been received as of today (8th August). The politician’s name has been redacted for the time being. Dear (name redacted) I am a retired Child Protection professional and the person who contacted Tom Watson, MP, in September 2012, …

December, 2015

  • 11 December

    St Helena abuse inquiry – Covering up a Cover up ?

    The  inquiry over these reports which came from a UK charity, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has given their verdict which was reported in the BBC: An independent inquiry has dismissed allegations of endemic child abuse and a government cover-up in the British overseas territory of St Helena.But the report found there was evidence of “system failings by social services and police in …

November, 2015

  • 16 November

    State Department Counterterrorism Director arrested for trying to have sex with a child

    There has been another major scandal in the Obama administration but you might not know much about it since the Pretorian media protecting the administration has dramatically under-reported it. Recently a senior State Department counterterrorism official was arrested at his home on charges he solicited sex online from a minor after chatting with a detective who was posing as the …

  • 9 November

    ‘Stop Selling our Kids’ – Maggie Tuttle

    Source: Children Screaming To Be Heard Privatisation “In a child’s best interest” has been planned for years, the  problem is that people have not been aware that for many years social services have been employing their own outside companies and for this reason we have thousands of social workers who are employed and still paid by social services, whilst at …

  • 8 November

    British MP Drops Bombshell In Paliament Including Industrial Scale Child Rape

    British MP Drops Bombshell In Paliament Including Industrial Scale Child Rape

    Source: Justice Denied John Mann MP stood up in a near empty parliamentary room and dropped a bombshell. He revealed the name of the man behind industrial scale child rape, torture and murder. That name was  George Kennedy Young  MI6 chief. GK Young was a close friend of MI6 officer, Times and Telegraph Journalist and Russian agent Kim Philby.  Philby’s great …

  • 7 November

    MP claims dossier alleges ‘child sex abuse ring’ in Portsmouth

    Speaking in Westminster Hall, John Mann MP said he had a copy of a Dickens dossier – so-called because it was given to Geoffrey Dickens MP who in turn handed it to Leon Brittan in 1984. Mr Mann said another Dickens dossier had been lost and alleges a cover-up dating back to 1984. A Home Office review last year said …

October, 2015

  • 24 October

    Three ex-PMs in Australian paedophile ring – Whistleblower Fiona Barnett speaks out

    A WOMAN claiming to be the victim of a “VIP paedophile ring”, which involved three former prime ministers, has alleged she was prostituted to “paedophile parties” at Parliament House in Canberra. Speaking to media in Sydney, Fiona Barnett detailed her alleged abuse by the alleged elite paedophile ring 40 years ago. The 45-year-old said she was abused by the ring, …