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  • 15 January

    The Great Social Network Exodus

    The Great Social Network Exodus

    As the big social networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter bow down to World Wide establishments ever increasing demands, such as reduced user privacy and increased control and manipulation of content people on mass are looking for alternatives. The great social network exodus has begun! The Corbett Report take a look at some of the alternatives people are fleeing too: …

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  • 20 February

    Facebook’s Bizarre & Secretive Content Policy Leaked

    Facebooks bizarre content policy leaked

    Facebook's Bizarre & Secretive Content Policy Leaked. In documents given to a third-party content-moderation firm, Facebook asks that all sexual activity be removed, but allows gore, 'ironic' racial slurs, and references to drugs (except marijuana). A former employee who used to filter out offensive content on Facebook has leaked the website's secret rulebook, which gives astonishingly detailed instructions that include blocking mild nudity but allowing images of death and disfigurement, as well as racially charged comments.