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September, 2015

  • 13 September

    Analysis: Why Police Continue to Investigate Claims by ‘Nick’

    ‘Why did detectives publicly say that they regarded a key witness’s extraordinary account of child sex abuse as “credible”? This is what I am most frequently asked about the Metropolitan Police Service’s ‘Operation Midland’ coming slightly ahead of questions that are in essence: who are your confidential sources.’

  • 12 September

    Clive Driscoll – “In Pursuit of the Truth”

    By Cathy Fox Clive Driscoll had earned for himself a reputation for being able to fix difficult situations after his success in re-establishing policing in Brixton after the riots. He had also set up the first domestic violence unit in the country. Clive had just been made into a Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) when he was asked by Gordon Briggs, …

  • 11 September

    10 false flags operations that shaped our world

    From Nero to 9/11, via Pearl Harbour and the Gulf of Tonkin incident… Joe Crubaugh provides an “all time greatest hits” of false flag operations, whereby one scenario is repeated… as the world keeps falling for the same lie. The most commonly known false flag operations consist of a government agency staging a terror attack, whereby an uninvolved entity gets …

  • 4 September

    Documentary: The Creation Of HIV/Aids. 

      The Creation Of HIV/Aids While AIDS may be one of the most feared diseases of modern times, there is still a degree of scientific debate over the subject of just how the disease originated, and how the first cases spread. Two filmmakers explore a controversial theory about the beginnings of the disease. In the 1950s, American and Belgian missionaries …

August, 2015

  • 31 August

    NASA Child Porn – Names Kept Secret

    NASA Child Porn

    NASA Child Porn - Staff members at the space agency NASA were caught downloading explicit child porn, but they were never prosecuted and will remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

  • 28 August

    Harvey Proctor’s accuser says he is ‘distressed’ by the ex-MP’s denial of sex abuse claims

      The child abuse survivor named only as ‘Nick’ is Scotland Yard’s number one witness in its investigation into the alleged VIP paedophile gang of politicians, civil servants and diplomats. In a press conference yesterday Harvey Proctor said Nick, who is a ‘respectable businessman’ now in his forties, has ‘wrecked his life’ and the reputation of eight others by naming …

  • 26 August

    Harvey Proctor: Former MP ends anonymity of rest of alleged nine-strong paedophile gang

      Detectives working on Scotland Yard’s Establishment sex abuse inquiry have investigated an alleged nine-strong gang of paedophiles that included former heads of MI5, MI6, and the late ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, Harvey Proctor claimed. ….As well as naming Sir Edward, the former Labour MP Lord Janner, and Leon Brittan – all of whom have already been the subject of …

  • 26 August

    Boats and Child Sexual Abuse

    This post is to highlight the #abuse of #children and its connection to boats, yachts, ships, narrow boats and sometimes water related activities. Abuse happens on various types of boats from narrow boats used as houseboats on canals to sea going yachts. Boats of course have advantages for abusers. They can be a venue for abuse with the captain having …

  • 25 August

    Hampstead – A History drowned in Occultism & Satanism

    Hampstead – A History drowned in Occultism & Satanism

    On the 21st April 1983 the Hampstead & District Local Advertiser released an article covering the disappearance of a young Italian mother and her 18-month-old baby.

  • 24 August

    Five unmarried mothers ‘buried in mass grave of Tuam’ | Daily Mail Online

    The unmarried mothers, aged between 24 and 42, were inmates in the controversial institution in County Galway, which was run by the Bon Secours nuns from 1925 to 1961. The bodies of five women who died at a home for unmarried mothers are believed to be buried in an unmarked mass grave with nearly 800 missing children, according to new …