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January, 2019

  • 15 January

    Our World Isn’t Flat, But Its Also Not What Maps Portray

    The Great Map Deception

    Somethings we take for granted as being correct and accurate, after all we have maps of the World displayed in or schools and encyclopedias, all our academia uses the same depictions and gives everyone across the World the same impression of what the World looks like. Our perceptions of how big or small Countries are is all derived from these …

January, 2016

  • 30 January

    EU troops raped children in Central African Republic

    EU troops raped children in Central African Republic

    The Untied Nations says European troops deployed to the Central African Republic (CAR) have sexually abused children. The UN said in a statement on Friday that peacekeepers from Georgia, France and another unnamed European country allegedly committed crimes, including rapes, mostly in 2014 in the country. The UN staff said they interviewed a girl and a boy who were aged 7 and …