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Yellowstone – Scientists Fear a Super-Volcano Eruption Maybe Next

Yellowstone might not look like much of a volcano from the ground, however, the truth is it is in fact one of the Worlds largest Volcano’s.

Volcanic history at the national park dates back millions of years but the ongoing activity is clearly visible in the thousands of geysers and toxic hot springs dotting the wild landscape.

Yellowstone National Park is found in the northwest of the United States, spread across the corners of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

The first national park in the USA, the park is also known for its wildlife and geothermal features, especially Old Faithful geyser.

Increased Activity

Over the past year, Yellowstone has seen more eruptions than the previous 5 years combined and this has scientists concerned that the Super-volcano that lies underneath could be ready to erupt.

There have also been various reports of mass migrations of animals fleeing Yellowstone. Though Scientists have been downplaying these scare stories as and when they pop up.


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