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UK Warns of Zika Carrying Mosquito Attacks

Just when you thought the Zika scare was a long forgotten news story, its ugly head rears once again – this time the threat is being issued to those in the UK and its teamed up with the newest enemy in town – Climate Change!

The new threat to British lands is being blamed of course on the new face of terror – Climate Change. Experts believe that as our climate becomes warming over the coming years we can expect a whole host of deadly pests to contend with.

As average temperatures around the earth rise, making them more suitable for mosquitoes, humidity will also increase because more water will evaporate from the ground and oceans and warmer air can hold more moisture, leading to more rain. The mosquitoes can carry viruses including dengue, chikungunya and Zika, which can in some cases be fatal or cause other debilitating illnesses. [source]

Scientists say because of the increased rainfall and higher summer temperatures paticulary the South of England will be more in danger of these deadly pests in the coming years:

Warmer temperatures and more rainfall – both outcomes of climate change – could provide ideal conditions for the mosquito in the UK, particularly southern England, said the scientists. [source]

The Dailymail is also reporting of Tiger Mosquitos being spotted in England carrying potentially fatal diseases such as Dengue and of course they point out:

Thanks to climate change, this bug has travelled so far north that it is now flourishing in parts of South East England.

For those unfamiliar with the Zika scare in 2016 across South America check out our article covering the mass fear campaign issued by the WHO and other health authorities from around the World.

Experts believe there is a link between Zika and Microcephaly in the newborns of pregnant mothers contacting the virus. However, as our previous article points out these correlations between the virus and the condition are dubious to say the least.

Climate Change is the new face of Terrorism, those who deny the theories surrounding its cause are terrorist supporters and those participating in the alleged causes of the Climate change are the Terrorists. Say goodbye to ISIS and say hello to Climate Change.

We are not denying however the fact that as the Climate Changes different lifeforms will prosper in areas in which they once were scarce, this is the natural way of things – however, it would seem so called experts want to deny that Mother Earth historically for millions of years has been passing through various cycles of climate. Humans as usual would like to believe they are significant enough to cause major difference in such an epic force.

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