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UK General Election 2017

UK General Election 2017 | Another Pointless Battle For Leadership In a Failed System

It won’t be long before the results begin coming in for the UK’s 2017 General Election. The only contestants with a chance of winning, as usual, are the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. Exit polls are currently showing a win to the Conservative party, however these polls are generally inaccurate.

The usual polling shenanigans are going on, with hundreds of people, mainly students, being turned away from polling stations due to ‘errors’.

But Whats The Point?

Well, the main point of all this is purely to give the general population, you, me, and everyone else a sense of freedom and choice. If you widen your perspective a little passed the ‘poor’ and the ‘not as poor, but still poor’ wealth division then very little changes regardless of who is in power, this has been the case historically to this day.

Every year, regardless of who dwells at number 10 downing street, the UK continues their reign of terror across the World – Whether it be directly, or indirectly through the sales of arms to terrorist supporting Countries.

Should You Vote Anyway Though?

No, by participating in the system you are endorsing it. It doesn’t matter how noble, or great the contestant maybe, they are still playing for the (pretend) leadership of a system which is designed to keep the majority in line, and poor, while the rich and powerful (real leaders) continue to really rule.

To put it another way, would you participate in another Terrorist organisations internal leadership voting system, such as ISIS, because they had a really great person campaigning to be the new leader?

You cannot fix something that is not broken, the entire political systems which we see across the Western World are designed this way, they were built to keep the powerful empowered, while keeping the poor, perpetually poor. It is designed to give the voters the belief that they choose their own destiny and when things are bad, hope is always at the next election, right?

If the School system was ever intended to Educate Children then they’d be showing this in every class room around the Country.The power structure remains as it is because the structure ensures such information is not known to it’s majority populous.

How The Elite Stay In Power – Divide, Divide & Conquer! 

Forget Voting With Your Ballot Paper, Vote With Your Money

Most of the Worlds problems can all be led back to one single thing – Money.

Money is the root of all evil’ was originally quoted from the Bible (Timothy 6:10) and is so very true. This age old saying also tells us that money has played a major part in human morality for thousands of years.

By putting your money into the hands of the major Banks and Corporations you are feeding the power structure further. By quickly changing where you spend your money and more importantly where and how you store your money, we can quickly weaken the system.

Ultimately though, the best we can do is try to minimise usage of fiat money altogether. Store your wealth in Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrency, Property, Business. Try to keep as little as possible in your bank at all times, enough to pay the bills and day to day expenses. But never keep your savings in a bank.

We can change the World, we can live in harmony and with everything we could ever want in abundance. Stop participating in ‘their’ ridiculous charade. You don’t need to protest, you don’t need to throw eggs at politicians or draw anarchy signs on your local council offices. All you have to do is not participate, avoid anything the political establishment has to offer as much as possible, spend your money wisely and store your wealth outside of the Rothchild Global banking system.

Take control of your lives, start your own business – we all have skills unique to us which others are willing to pay for. Basically, if your employed – you can be self-employed. Take control of your life, your finances and your taxes. The Government’s of most Countries steal at least 1/5th of everything you earn, the amount stolen increased the more your earn, here in the UK some people have to pay more than 50% of everything they earn to the Government.

The top 1% can pretty much avoid paying any tax through various tax avoidance schemes available to them, the lower you go down the income spectrum the harder it is to avoid this theft legally. This topic requires an entire book to fully explain, but you get the point.



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Thank you very much it’s amazing to read the truths. A publicly ran bank could work just for savings?


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