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Theresa May to Resign as UK Prime Minister

The UK’s Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May has announced she will be resigning as Prime Minister for the UK on the June 7th.

Her speech was the usual resignation speech you’d expect, not dissimilar to Former Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech she talks about all the great things the party have achieved while in power.

She didn’t manage to shed any tears for the Grenfell fire victims or even the hundreds of children blown to pieces by British Bombs in Yemen – but fear not, she did manage to shed a tear in self pity, saying:

“Its been the honour of my life to serve the country I love”

With Brexit still nowhere in sight and a Government now without a leader the UK really is in a shambles – The European Union officials are likely clinking their champagne glasses with glee!

All by design, there is no leaving the EU – We did tell you upon the results of the referendum many moons ago.


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