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Millions of Children Expected in Climate Change Protest

Those pesky kids are at it again. Millions are expected in the latest protests which begin today begging for Governments to oppress them and increase taxes in the hope that their factless based theory on climate change can be stunted and humanity can be saved. Oh, the drama!

So, expect disruption this bank holiday this weekend as protesters glue themselves to doors and chain themselves to traffic lights.

That little rascal Greta Thunberg is sure to make an appearance as well so we’ll keep you posted!

The latest podcast from Windows on the World delves once again into this ridiculous Climate Catastrophobia epidemic that is sweeping the World

“The politicians behind the scenes, including this current government are telling us they need a social movement like ours to give themselves the social permission to do the necessary.” – Gail Bradbrook, XR Founder

If you haven’t done so already, please check out our earlier article on the Extinction Rebellion and other protest groups and their brainwashing agenda below:


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