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Lies the US GOvernment & MSM tell you about Venezuela

Lies the US Gov. & MSM Tell You About Venezuela

Lies about what is going on in Venezuela are aplenty in the current age of geopolitical warfare and propaganda we find ourselves in. Lies are being fabricated by both the US Government and their propaganda whores over at the Mainstream media.

We analyse just some of these lies for you in more detail below.

Venezuelans Currently Have No Food

One of the first things we hear from any Western Government Official or from the Mainstream media is about the Venezuelans lack of food, in fact we are told there is no food, ‘The Shelves are empty‘ they claim – Well, in this video Max Blumenthal tours a supermarket in Caracas and the truth appears to be quite different

Max Blumenthal tours a supermarket in Caracas

Grassroots Uprising against a Brutal Dictator

We are constantly being told that the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is the result of a “Brutal Dictator”. We are told a Grassroots uprising is occurring in an attempt to overthrow Maduro when once again, the truth is very different as Makia Freeman points out this entire coup has been ‘planned, orchestrated and executed from Washington.

‘Who is the brutal dictator? Who is imposing economic warfare and deprivation, starvation and misery by sanction? Who is fomenting regime change on innocent nations? Who is funding and supporting terrorists to topple any government they don’t like?’ [source]

Now while this is a speculative claim it isn’t out of the realms of possibility when you consider how the US Government and it’s Western allies have tackled various dictators throughout the Middle East and Africa. Saddam Hussein was a CIA Asset placed in power by the US and later removed from power by the US Government using US-backed and paid for uprisings within Iraq, and lies to the World about Weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. We saw a similar operation in Libya with the takedown of Gadaffi.

Maduro is Refusing Critical US Aid Supplies

The US Government and it’s media mouthpieces are claiming that Maduro is refusing critical aid supplies which are being sent over from the US.

‘Almost 200 tonnes of aid in a convoy of trucks have been waiting to cross several border bridges – including food and medicine – and the tear gas was fired as protesters tried to stop the aid from being destroyed,’ [source]

But once again the reality appears to be quite different, according to New York Times reporter Anatoly Kurmanaev, the trucks that the opposition tried to force across the border contained “no medicine” at all, with reports that a “small” amount of medicine was being stockpiled in Cucuta not confirmed by USAID.

Initial inventories from USAID made no mention of medicine, listing only basic food and personal hygiene products amongst the “aid”.

Maduro Burnt the Aid Trucks

In late February it was reported by just about all of the mainstream press that Soldiers loyal to Maduro burnt aid trucks.

‘At least two people were killed and around 300 injured in violent clashes at border crossings, while humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela was set on fire, seemingly by troops loyal to Mr Maduro.’ [source]

However, yet again the information coming out following the event tells a very different story, or at least leaves the official narrative highly questionable.

According to testimonies from right-wing protestors and Colombian policemen who were located on the other side of the bridge, the GNB and PNB were using tear gas and rubber bullets, neither of which are flammable nor capable of penetrating the gas tank of a large truck.

There were no live rounds, grenades, or flamethrowers used by Venezuelan state security personnel. So how exactly they managed to set fire to the aid truck is hard to determine.

Meanwhile opposition activists were seen throwing Molotov cocktails just metres from the aid trucks. These reports were confirmed by on-the-spot journalists, including teleSUR reporter Madelein Garcia.

In the following video Ron Paul discusses this false flag event and breaks down the narrative.


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