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Jo Cox MP dead after being shot and stabbed by man shouting "Britain First"

Brexit False Flag | Jo Cox MP dead after being shot and stabbed by man allegedly shouting “Britain First”

Update 18/06/2016:

In court today Thomas Mair the attacker has been charged with murder, the BBC reports:

The venue chosen for Thomas Mair’s first court appearance was the most important magistrates’ court in London. Deputy Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot was sitting. Reporters from the broadcasters and Sunday newspapers and from overseas packed the press seats at the back. As is almost always the case, the hearing was brief, but it had a key moment of drama – the moment the man in the dock was asked his name.

He stood, as asked, for what is normally one of the most mundane parts of the proceedings. Not this time.

“My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain,” he said.

Asked to repeat it, he said the same thing. Then he fell silent until he was taken from the dock and driven off to prison.

Update 17/06/2016 23:22

‘Police probe right-wing links to MP’s killing’

Police investigating the killing of MP Jo Cox have said they are prioritising inquiries into the suspect’s possible links to right-wing extremism. Mrs Cox, 41, was shot and stabbed outside her constituency surgery in West Yorkshire on Thursday. A 52-year-old man has been arrested. The BBC understands Nazi regalia was recovered at suspect Tommy Mair’s home.

Reads more at BBC News

Jo Cox a Labour MP for Batley and Spen was left bleeding on the ground and later died from a bullet wound and knife wound by her lone attacker, Thomas Mair. Reports have come in that the attacker prior to the attack was shouting ‘Britain First’ –  Paul Golding, leader of the far-right Britain First part states these claims are ‘unsubstantiated’.

The Daily Mail reports:

Eyewitnesses claim the gunman shouted ‘Britain first’ as he carried out the horrific attack on Ms Cox. However, Britain First – a British nationalist political party which campaigns against immigration, multiculturalism and Islam – has now distanced itself from the attack and denied any connection

Aamir Tahir, of The Dry Clean Centre, said the gunman was heard shouting ‘Britain first’.

He said: ‘The lady I work with heard two loud bangs. I wish I was there because I would have tried to stop him.

‘Apparently the guy who did it shouted ‘Britain first’ and if I had been there I would have tackled him.’

Graeme Howard, 38, who lives nearby, told the Guardian that he also heard the man shout ‘Britain first’ before the shooting and during the arrest.

He said: ‘I heard the shot and I ran outside and saw some ladies from the cafe running out with towels. There was loads of screaming and shouting and the police officers showed up.

‘He was shouting ‘Britain first’ when he was doing it and being arrested. He was pinned down by two police officers and she was taken away in an ambulance.’

Locals have named and identified 'loner' Tommy Mair as the 53-year-old man who has been arrested by police in connection with the attack
Locals have named and identified ‘loner’ Tommy Mair as the 53-year-old man who has been arrested by police in connection with the attack

The attack will undoubtedly be used as a deterrent for those choosing to vote out of the EU, the attack comes just days before the vote and an attack like this with the attacker allegedly shouting ‘Britain First’ prior to the attack, indicating he is a far-right campaigner could quite easily swing the majority over to voting for remaining in the EU. Intentional or not this is a False Flag and will be used as such.

This attack is reminiscent of the Swedish politician’s Anna Lindh’s death 13 years ago:

Anna Lindh
Anna Lindh

‘Days before Sweden would vote on whether to join the euro in 2003, a 46-year-old lead campaigner for Sweden’s to adopt the euro was stabbed while shopping in a Stockholm department store. She had been shopping for clothes for a euro zone debate scheduled that evening. The next day, on September 11, Social Democratic foreign minister Lindh died from her injuries.

Both sides of the Swedish political campaign suspended their activities following the news, with TV ads campaigns cancelled and billboard and print media ads withdrawn.

On the following Sunday, Swedes rejected proposals to adopt the common currency.’

Read more

A quick browse through social media and it’s clear this will have a big impact on the referendum outcome, people are outraged by this and if they were thinking of voting out of the EU or were still undecided this has set them on the ‘remain’ path.

RT News snapshot of comments on this story.
RT News snapshot of comments on this story.

Whether or not the attacker actually said ‘Britain First’ or ‘Put Britain First’ as Paul Golding from Britain First suggests is not relevant. It’s highly likely the guy said nothing of the sort, but the thread of thought has been started either mistakenly, intentional or through ignorance and thus it will be used to the advantage of those willing to remain in the EU – this is after all the age of psychological warfare.


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