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Jeffery Epstein Reported to Have Killed Himself in Prison

Reports are coming in that Jeffery Epstein has committed suicide in Prison:

Two anonymous sources told New York’s local NBC News 4 that Epstein’s injuries may have been self-inflicted, while another said an assault by another inmate had not been ruled out.

His body was discovered at 06:30 local time (10:30 GMT) on Saturday at a facility in New York. The FBI are currently investigating what happened, but Suicide is being taunted as the most likely cause of death.

Some would say this is exceptionally convenient, after all who wants this man available for further questioning – He was either killed, programmed to kill himself or alternatively and not beyond the scope of possibility living far off in a beautiful island with a young teenage girl on his knee.

As soon as we have more information on this we will share it.

His death comes just one day after unsealed documents in New York revealed the extent of his abuse of young women at his home in Palm Beach, New York and the Virgin Islands. The papers also brought attention back onto Prince Andrew over his involvement with the serial paedophile.

Suicide or Murder – Time to speculate…….


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Paul Smith
Paul Smith

Epstein not dead, living in Israel like a king next door to Bernie Madoff in mansions with little sex slaves.


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