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George Soros Exposed As Financier Behind Violent Trump Protests

George Soros Exposed As Financier Behind Violent Trump Protests

Even though Hillary Clinton was backed by the Globalists to win the US Elections, Donald Trump prevailed and has won the US Presidential Elections. Angered by the unlikely win, well coordinated and quick to action protests broke out throughout the US, with many turning violent.

These protests have now been exposed as being funded by one of the Worlds most well known Criminal Globalist lapdogs, none other than George Soros.

Soros’ affiliated organization MoveOn.org released the following press release yesterday afternoon:

Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. Tonight, thousands of Americans will come together at hundreds of peaceful gatherings in cities and towns across the nation, including outside the White House, following the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. The gatherings – organized by MoveOn.org and allies – will affirm a continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the America we still believe is possible. Within two hours of the call-to-action, MoveOn members had created more than 200 gatherings nationwide, with the number continuing to grow on Wednesday afternoon.

RT News Reports:

Some of the anti-Trump protests in the US have been organized by groups that were sponsored by Clinton sympathizer and billionaire George Soros.

Among Wikileaks’ Podesta emails was a strategy document involving the Soros-supported MoveOn.org and grassroots organizing and funding.

These Protests are not organic as claimed by the mainstream media, they are not a spontaneous reaction of the angry public, they are contrived protests with the unlimited funding of Soros and other Globalists.

According to The Daily Caller anti-trump protestors replied to a Craigslist Ad offering money for protestors.

The following tweet has now been deleted and it’s authenticity is unknown however it claims to snapshot the organised bus convoy that brought and collected the protestors from these organised protests.


However since this tweet was taken down a new video has emerged showing blocks and blocks of busses which allegedly dropped off protestors and await to recollect the Soros funded anti-Trump demonstration.

Donald Trump reacted on Twitter to these professional and clearly well funded protests:

Many of the protests have now turned violent with protesters smashing windows and starting fires:


It seems many of the population would prefer a system where there is zero democracy, protesting against a majority vote is basically demanding dictatorship. In the West we have little Democracy as it is, what we have is a controlled selection of entities to pick from, these entities are no more than figureheads to represent and take blame for the crimes against humanity that the real controllers of our World Society enforce . But this apparently is even a choice these people would rather not have. In the following Video a girl is attacked in college because she voted for Donald Trump:

It is because of the self-labeled liberal freedom fighters, with their one love and unity delusion that Trump exists in the first place. Unity in the World can never exist while we have the current system of politics and the minority elite who control this politic system. These people have been duped into believing false narratives and ideas of how we can reach a World of peace. While the West are still funding Terrorism and War across the World it is a ridiculous idea to believe these same forces want to bring you peace and unity.

Where are you every week when innocent children are blown to pieces in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya ?

As parents piece together the remains of their Children in far off lands you sat back in Ignorance, you are pathetic, you are part of the problem!

Carey Wedler has a message to all of you at there who are protesting and crying about the reality of a Trump presidency, and she is spot on.

Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections

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