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Facebook Begins Its Attack On The Alternative Media In Germany

Facebook Begins Its Attack On The Alternative Media In Germany

‘Fake News’ has been cried from the rooftops for several months now. Hillary Clinton famously blamed ‘Fake News’ for her loss in the US Elections, even the Brexit debate got dragged up again as the undemocratic pro-EU campaigners pointing the finger at ‘Fake News’ being partially responsible for the referendum results.

Because there could be no other possible reason for Clinton’s loss or the EU referendum results in the UK, leaders stamped their feet and demanded this ‘Fake News’ should be quashed once and for all. Starting with Social Media giants implementing new software to demote such filth.

The likes of the BBC and CNN News have been on the case from the beginning, offering surveys and lists of various sources of this global problem.

Now, let us translate.

The Western establishments have lost control of their population’s minds; the MSM have been losing readers and viewers for years now with their own ‘fake news’, so a solution was decided, block anything that doesn’t suit the narrative.

It’s called controlling the narrative via Internet censorship. China has been doing it for decades!

Facebook announced they would be taking measures to clamp down on the ‘Fake News’ before Christmas. We have heard how they will be employing third-parties to ‘Fact check’, we reported on this a little while ago as Facebook announced they would be using the fraudulent ‘Snopes.com’ to perform fact checking on users posts.

With the upcoming elections in Germany, German Officials are concerned about how ‘Fake News’ may affect the process, so Facebook will be implementing their new services, the pioneers in ‘Fake News’ aka the BBC report:

Under the new measures, users in Germany will be able to select “It’s a fake news story” as an option when reporting another user’s post.

They can then mark the post as fake news, let the other user know they think it is fake, or block that user.

Facebook will send potentially fake stories to Correctiv, a German non-profit body of investigative journalists, to check the facts.

So already we see the potential for manipulation, we have all seen how employed ‘Trolls’ can manipulate comments sections of articles, it seems they have a new duty to add to the job description – Reporting ‘Fake News’.

Once reported it gets sent to ‘Correctiv‘ – which we know very little about, but we don’t have to worry as its ‘Non-profit’. Which basically means everybody gets paid a shed load of money to ensure no profit is left in the Business itself each year.

As in the US, Facebook Germany said it was looking into penalising websites, which tried to mimic major publishers or misled readers into thinking they were a well-known news source.

So it would seem the overall aim of this new crackdown on ‘Fake News’ would be to discredit and ultimately block anything that doesn’t come from the Mainstream Media and anything that doesn’t suit the preferred state narrative.

Sputnik News recently spoke to Steinhoefel who leads a website specifically designed to assist people with the wrongful removal of accounts and posts on Facebook:

He doubts that that the Correctiv team that is supposed to determine whether a story is fake or not is indeed as neutral and objective as it is being presented. In particular, the lawyer referred to the fact that the team members always attack the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, a right-wing movement which has been increasingly gaining popularity in Germany over last months.

“What is going on here is not a filtering of the fake-news and the reports that do not correspond with reality. This is an attempt of the political class to regain power, domination and control over political and public discourse by actively interfering in the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution, in particular such as the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech,” the politician told Sputnik Germany.

According to Steinhoefel, the existing laws that prohibit insulting wordings and false statements are quite sufficient. “We do not need a new law or new wordings, such as Fake News or Hate speech. All this is fog that it supposed to conceal from people the fact that their constitutional rights are being violated,” the expert said.

As we highlighted in our last article people are quickly looking for alternative social networking platforms, this latest development is likely to give the exodus a boost!

BBC Journalist Comes Clean About Fake News | 'Believe Nothing You Read Or Watch'


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