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Extinction Rebellion Plan For ’12 Days of Crisis’

Everyone’s favourite activists are planning for some festive action in whats being duped ’12 days of crisis’.

The naive, over-privileged and misdirected cult initiates will start their shenanigans on November 30th with a Paint the Streetsevent where we will likely see lots of red paint thrown around and poured over cult members heads.

You can find the full schedule of what they plan HERE.

While it would be unfair to claim Extinction rebellions were not well-intentioned for the most part, they are however no more than cult followers. Extinction Rebellion has all the hallmarks of a cult, from its mantras to its idols. Placing the fear into children, forming inner circles and status hierarchies they have created the Worlds largest activist cult ever seen.

An army of brainwashed activists wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the endgame was positive – unfortunately, this is not the case.

In a nutshell, they are Protesting For Their Own Enslavement


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