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Wheelchair Bound Child Snatched By The State To Enforce Failing Medical Care

Brisbane | Most of the media is reporting this as as ‘Anti-vaccine parents snatch child from Hospital’ – however the real story here is quite the opposite. The state have in fact snatched Chase Steven-Walker from the parents.

A wheelchair-bound child will be returned to hospital after he was allegedly snatched by his anti-vaccination parents, who want him treated with medicinal marijuana not traditional medicine.

Police issued an Amber Alert and hunted in two states for four-year-old Chase Walker, after his parents Cini Walker, 26, and Marc Alexander Steven, 28, allegedly took him from a Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital medical appointment in Brisbane on Thursday before doctors could administer treatment.

Ms Walker has a high-profile social media presence and seeks donations and support to feed Chase organic food and keep him “pharma-med free”. She posted a video in January alleging Queensland’s child safety agency ordered her to take Chase to hospital so he could be fed “this formula synthetic s***”.

“My son, do I even own him anymore?” a tearful Ms Walker said in the video, elsewhere explaining that they had stopped vaccinating him two years ago, alleging it caused him to have seizures and develop cerebral palsy.

Jacinda Walker and Marc Steven with son Chase Walker-Steven and their daughter.
Jacinda Walker and Marc Steven with son Chase Walker-Steven and their daughter.

You may of seen Jacinda ‘Cini‘ Walker on social media over the past few months campaigning for her son and the ability to legally use Medical Marijuana to treat her son:

Several months ago Cini did a live Facebook video prior to the hospital demanding that her son be taken into hospital:

Since then she has rescued Chase from the hospital, only later on the next day to be found and Chase taken back into state medical custody.

This form of tyranny is happening across the Western World. There is no longer room for difference in parental and medical opinion. You either follow the state sponsored, profit driven medical system or you risk having your child at best forced medicated and at worst taken into state custody.

A recent case in the UK saw a seven month-old baby force vaccinated against the Mothers will:

London Borough of Barnet said the potential consequence of not immunising the boy was too great to risk.

Now, after a hearing at the High Court, Mr Justice MacDonald has made a declaration that vaccination is in the boy’s best interests.

The jabs will protect the baby against bacterial infections which can lead to highly dangerous forms of meningitis.

Seven Month Old Baby Forced Vaccinated Against Mothers Will In London

Another case in the UK saw a public manhunt take place for the parents who took their child Ashya from hosptial after refusing the treatment and running abroad for ‘laser proton beam cancer treatment’ – They were being chased like public enemy number one!:

The Huffington Post reported on it at the time with a very one-sided report:

The parents of Ashya King put him “at risk” by taking him abroad for cancer treatment without consent, according to a new report.

Brett and Naghmeh King sparked a police hunt when they removed their son from Southampton General Hospital in August 2014, to take him to Prague for a type of radiotherapy called proton beam therapy, to treat his brain tumour.

However, it turns out the parents did exactly the right thing, Ashya is now Cancer-free and the treatment they ran away for is now being praised as a safer alternative to chemotherapy:

Now, a study published in the Lancet Oncology journal states that proton beam therapy causes fewer side-effects in child cancer patients than conventional radiotherapy.

Researchers said common ‘toxic’ effects of photon-based radiotherapy on the heart, lungs and stomach were not seen in those treated with proton treatment.

The study, led by Massachusetts General Hospital, also said the two types had similar survival rates for young people like Ashya who had medulloblastoma, a rare brain tumour.

‘Our findings suggest that proton radiotherapy seems to result in an acceptable degree of toxicity and had similar survival outcomes to those achieved with photon-based radiotherapy,’ the study said.

Although there remain some effects of treatment on hearing, endocrine, and neurocognitive outcomes – particularly in younger patients – other late effects common in photon-treated patients, such as cardiac, pulmonary, and gastrointestinal toxic effects, were absent.

The medical system in any Country is there to provide help if required, it should never however, be enforced and the patients or parents and carers for the patients should have their opinions respected, regardless of how it may oppose the general medical consensus.

UPDATE 01/05/2017: Good news, Chase has been released from John Hunter Hospital:

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