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1,350 Prisoners Escape in Sao Paulo Amid Coronavirus Crisis

At least 1,350 prisoners from three seperate prisons in Sao Paulo have escaped from prison due to restrictions put in place amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Prison Guards are being held hostage. reports:

The Militarized Police (PM) of Sao Paulo indicated that at least 400 prisoners escaped from Mongaguá, on the state coast; another 926, which were mostly in a semi-open regime, in Mirandópolis, interior of the state, and another thirty from Taubaté, in the region known as Vale do Paraíba.

According to the information, riots are reported in these and other prison centers with a number of hostages not yet reported. The rebellions were motivated by restrictions on the temporary visits and exits of prisoners taken between measures to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Futher Reading: The Guardian


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