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London Terror Attacks Leave Seven Dead And Multiple Injured – Live Updates

  • Twelve people have been arrested in Barking, London.
  • Controlled explosions were also carried out at the flat in Barking.

The UK has seen it’s second attack in just under two weeks, as usual details on what exactly happened in London last night are mixed and inconsistent.

The Telegraph:

Six people have been killed and almost 50 people were injured in a “rampage” in central London, the third terrorist attack to hit the UK in less than three months.

Three attackers were shot dead by police in the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market. Police said they believed there were no more than three attackers.

A white transit van ploughed into a crowd of people on the bridge at speed shortly after 10pm. The three men then stabbed people with 12-inch knives at nearby Borough Market, with a transport police officer among those injured.

People were evacuated from the area
People were evacuated from the area CREDIT: REUTERS / NEIL HALL

RT News:

Conflicting accounts claimed that as many as three attackers jumped out of the van after it hit people and proceeded to stab people.

Multiple reports claim that at least two attackers were shot dead by police, with bodies seen by reporters. The BBC published a photograph showing a man lying on the ground with what appeared to be canisters strapped to his body.

Terrorist Appeared On Channel 4 Documentary

One of the terrorist’s appeared on a Channel 4 Documentary titled ‘The Jihadis Next Door’ . The Channel 4 website seems to of taken the page offline since the attack but for those living outside the UK you can see the video below (Channel 4 has blocked the video for UK viewers)

The Telegraph reports:

He appeared in a television documentary last year about British extremists called The Jihadis Next Door, and was filmed at events attended by two notorious Islamic preachers.

The suspected terrorist had previously worked for London transport operator Transport for London (TfL) and a branch of fast food chain KFC, neighbours said.

A relative also told how he had previously tried to go to Syria to fight jihad but had been talked out of it by his family as his wife was pregnant at the time.


Witness Claims Police Shot a Civilian In The Head

Although we keep hearing how well London’s metropolitan police handled the recent terrorist attack, witness claim an innocent bystander was shot in the head by Police. Most of the media is carefully skimming over this fact and stating the victim to be ‘caught in crossfire’ . At a quick glance you might quite easily believe the bystander was shot by the terrorists, however this is not the case. For one, only the Police had guns:

From the Daily Mail:

A man caught in the crossfire between police and suspected terrorists was reportedly shot in the head amid the horrific attacks in London.

It is believed the man was killed after the suspects smashed their way into a Borough Market pub and went on a stabbing frenzy before police opened fire.

Yet a slightly clearer statement is made by CNBC:

An American bystander was struck in the head by a stray bullet fired as police killed the London Bridge terrorists, an eyewitness told NBC News.

Authorities said the wounded civilian was expected to survive. Police have not revealed any details about the individual who was accidentally hit in the hail of 50 bullets that ended Saturday night’s van-and-knife rampage.


UK Elections Just Around The Corner, Coincidence?

The UK General Elections are this Thursday 8th June, where the UK Public will decide who will take number 10 downing street. The choice as usual is in reality only between two people, Theresa May for the Conservative party or Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour party. In recent weeks May has lost considerable numbers in the polls while Corbyn’s support has grown significantly.

Many are suggesting these attacks are to disrupt the elections this week. What do you think?

It does seem ever more likely that Jeremy Corbyn could win the vote, which on the surface would seem like a great thing. Corbyn is without doubt the only moral being in the contest this year, however we have to question how it has come to this. Theresa May has alienated even her own key voters this year with some of her campaign policy blunders. Are we really to believe this is an accident?

Is it possible we are going to be shown what happens when a far left and moral being like Jeremy Corbyn gains power, are we going to see Corbyn win then the UK systematically torn apart economically and socially by powers beyond Corbyns control?



Just two weeks ago on the 22nd May we say the False Flag attack in Manchester:

UPDATED: Manchester Bomber Was a British Intelligence Mi6 Asset

Bookmark this page for further updates.

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