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Panorama Fairytales | The Worst Case Of ‘Fake News’ Ever?

The UK’s notorious propaganda network the BBC aired in late 2013 possibly one of the greatest examples of propaganda in modern history. Backed up by their own ‘Fake News’, the Documentary ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ goes into Syria to look at the devastation caused to the Children in Syria.

With some highly disturbing footage of the alleged aftermath of a chemical weapons attack in Damascus, the World was shocked into taking action; which has ultimately led to the destruction of Syria via western intervention.

The original Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ can be viewed below:

An RT News episode of Truthseeker also exposed the BBC for their blatant hoax, the episode which has since been removed by RT News can be viewed here:

We recommend watching the cover video from UK Column, then the original Documentary and make your own minds up, however, it seems a relatively clear conclusion to us.

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest cases of ‘Fake News‘ in modern history, which has led to dire consequences for Syria and the World.

Syrian False Flag - Chemical Weapons

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