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Massive Protests in Iraq Over US Military Presence

Protesters in Iraq have hit the streets in their hundreds of thousands in response to the call of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s “million man march

Families can be seen gathering on mass holding placards saying “no,no to America” and “no, no to occupation”.

A representative for Mr. Sadr said in a statement during the protest:

We will exhaust all peaceful, political, economic, social, cultural and popular means to achieve our main goal, which is scheduling the departure of the occupation forces,

Iraq’s parliament voted to expel the US Occupation from the country following the attack on targets by the Trump administration on the 3rd January. However, the Trump administration has said it does not intend to pull troops out.

This is the largest and most recent protest in a series of demonstrations that have taken place on a regular basis since last year against U.S. military occupation and influence in Iraq.


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