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Iran Launches Missiles at US Military Bases in Iraq – Its Begun!

After days of rapid escalation following the killing of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani last week, it has been reported that Iran have launched ballistic missiles at US military airbases in Iraq. Donald Trump is set to make a speech on Wednesday.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei tweeted that although Tehran does not want war, it will wage it in self-defence.

“We have never wanted war, but any aggression will receive a crushing response,” Rabiei said in a Farsi-language tweet.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has issued another warning against US retaliation.

Americans know now that their bases can be targeted by Iran,” the Revolutionary Guard said, according to state TV. “Their bases will be targeted if the United States responds to Iran’s missile attacks in Iraq.”

Shortly after the missile attack, a Ukranian Airline Boeing 737 with 170 aboard has crashed, no further details on this are currently present, however, speculation to whether this was an attack rather than an aircraft is of course circulating.

The embassy of Iran in China posted tweeted this:

The chief of staff of Iran’s military, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, says the attack demonstrates a small part of the armed forces’ capabilities, according to Iran’s state news agency, Irna

We will keep you posted as further news comes in.


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