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Hatred: The biggest threat to humanity

Hatred: The biggest threat to humanity

HATE: noun, often attributive

a :  intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury
b :  extreme dislike or antipathy

My mother would tell me as a Child never to use the word ‘Hate’ . “Hate is a very strong word” she would tell me.

Hate is not dissimilar to a highly contagious virus, it spreads through communities at a rapid rate and before the tragic symptoms are apparent it’s to late and out of control. 

We are living in a World much smaller than ever before, the Internet has allowed for communications to travel from one corner of the planet to another within seconds, because of this ability this ‘Hate’ virus has mutated into a monster.

Hatred is an emotion which can only do negative, negative to the self, negative to all those around the emotion – there is no positive outcome to the emotional state.

Ask yourself this:

Was a Jihadi terrorist that just slaughtered a mother and child born with evil intentions or was his environment from their time of birth onwards the cause of his evil doings later in life?

All life begins without hatred, it is the environment in which that life exists that creates the emotion of hatred and consequently the actions of evil.

Many people argue that at some point regardless of one’s environment they have a choice, free will. But this statement is normally made by people who have lived through loving and relatively secure environments. If a life is brought into an environment of nothing but pain, suffering, struggle and permanent indoctrination to hate those who do not follow their belief, or those that are trying to destroy their Country then do they have ‘free will’?

Your choices will only ever be a result of the environment that created who you are.

The evil act of one due to indoctrinated hatred is then returned back on them with hatred from another and thus more evil is performed.

We see this virus spreading so quickly, racial hatred, Police Hatred, Gun owner hatred, anti gun owner hatred, anti-vaccine hatred, pro-vaccine hatred, pro-abortion hatred, feminist hatred, masculinity hatred, religious hatred, sexual orientation hatred, state benefit claimants hatred…… and so on.

Hatred is oozing out of every orifice of our day to day lives, and the result ? Divisions in every aspect of our society, all being propelled along nicely by the mainstream media, alternative media &  social media. We see a Police officer brutally attacking an individual, the video is viral within hours, social media hate messages spread like wildfire, then individuals feed off this hatred and return another act of evil against the Police and the process amplifies, and amplifies. That is the nature of hatred.

This needs to change, we need to change.

Don’t hate the killer, try to understand how a life can end up doing such an evil deed. The only way we can stop this domino affect of hatred carrying on is by dropping the hate emotion.

Hate is a strong word.


Love is a far stronger word & emotion – Love can indeed if we allow it Conquer all.


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