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Fox News Celebrating Death And Destruction With Music Video

Many of you may have seen the frightening coverage of Donald Trumps missile launch last week which targetted a Syrian Government Airfield, with reporters such as Brian Williams from MSNBC calling the imagery of missiles launching and heading towards their ultimate destination as ‘Beautiful’:

Well, Fox News have taken this psychopathic behaviour one step further and aired a music video featuring the video footage of Donald Trumps recent drop of the largest non-nuclear bomb from America’s considerable arsenal in a remote area of Afghanistan. Sputnik News reports:

Named MOAB, for Massive Ordnance Air Blast (or, popularly, Mother of all Bombs), the ten-ton explosive, one of only 15 built to date, was tested for the first time in a real-world setting. In using the fantastically-destructive weapon, Washington is claiming that it seeks to end the existence of Daesh in Afghanistan.

The enormous bomb, with a yield equivalent to 11 tons of TNT, detonated successfully, killing, it is estimated, some 40 extremists, as well as an as-yet-undetermined number of civilians, according to Think Progess.

While the event was reported world-wide, including by Sputnik, Fox News took it to another level by turning the killings into a celebration which included stirring patriotic music.

We really are entering into the twilight zone, a World where our mainstream media is promoting War and Weapons of Destruction. A World where music is being produced to specifically accompany video footage of a large bomb destroying foreign land and human life, some of which maybe entirely innocent.

Simply disgusting.

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