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Protect Your Home From Microwave Radiation

With microwave radiation exposure in our everyday lives increasing at an exponential rate and 5G being rolled out across the World as we speak, what can we do to protect ourselves from the dangers inflicted upon us from the technology?

Let’s not forget, there have been ‘No Industry-Backed Studies’ on 5G technologies affects on Human biological health.

So in a World where its leaders and profit motivated corporations don’t appear to give a damn we need to protect ourselves, because its clear they will not.

YShield offers a range of protective products to protect us from this dangerous radiation exposure, from pain through to clothing. You may be thinking that painting your house in a protective paint seems a little like the actions of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, however, in reality, it is merely the actions of someone not taking any chances with the health of themselves and their children.

Multiple Cases of Cancer in One School

A recent case in California has seen a cell tower removed following multiple cases of children developing Cancer:

A cellphone tower has been removed from the campus of a California elementary school after several cases of childhood Cancers have developed in students over the past year. The families affected at Weston Elementary School in Ripon claim the tower could have exposed their kids to harmful radiation.‘[source]

Military Grade Microwave Technology is Being Rolled Out

5G used mm wave microwave frequencies which have been used by the military for many years, the technology can be used to target individuals on a cellular level inflicting physical pain and even mind control. If of course, we have complete faith in our Governments not to use the technology in such ways against its population then there is nothing to worry about – but do we really have complete faith in our Government not to misuse this technology?

The following images were accidentally leaked by the California State Threat Assessment Centre, they appear to show how Microwave technology can be used to harm and control individuals using cell towers:

5G technology is a weapons-grade microwave frequency and by that, we mean all the above-mentioned effects and capabilities can be achieved with this technology.


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