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Munich False Flag

Is This Proof That The Munich Shooting Was A False Flag?

Richard Gutjahr was the German reporter who filmed the Nice attack as it happened and now, just happened to be at the Munich attacks as they happen.

Richard Gutjahr is married to Einat Wilf. A Harvard educated ex Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Officer and now Israeli politician.


Munich reporter Richard Gutjahr was the cameraman who filmed the now iconic footage of a Truck just before hitting a crowd in Nice. He just happened to be on a Westminster Hotel balcony at 10:30 PM and thought it was a good idea to film a truck driving past.


English version

Turns out the person taking the video, was Richard Gutjahr daughter.

BREAKING! Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice AND NOW MUNICH

Coincidence theorists are having a field day


Exposing Richard Gutjahr before the Munich shooting.

BBC – Richard Gutjahr, television reporter – Munich

“I took shelter in a nearby flat, about 200 metres away from the shopping centre. About 12 people are here. They were taken in by a resident. And they told me what they’ve seen. Shots were fired inside the shopping centre as well as outside in the car park. These shots were not connected to the shooting outside a close-by fast food restaurant. That means, considering all these accounts, we might indeed be dealing with several perpetrators.”



Richard Gutjahr Says There Are Several Perpetrators

BR Reporter Richard Gutjahr portrays by telephone the situation on the ground. According to him, fell many shots. With cries of “All gone!”send the police away people. “The police are very, very nervous,” Gutjahr said. Groups of ten to twelve police comb the area, pointing their weapons in all directions. The police said: “Stay in your homes off the road.” For the first time there is talk of possibly several perpetrators.



And the cover up begins…


The shootings in a Munich shopping centre come five years to the day that far-right activist Anders Breivik murdered 77 people on an island in Norway.

At least five people have died after a gunman opened fire at Munich Olympia Shopping Centre, in the district of Moosach, and police have put the city on lockdown advising people to stay indoors.

Super Shemitah 7/7


On July 22 2011 Anders Behring Breivik exploded a car bomb in Oslo that killed eight people before driving to the island of Utoya where he gunned down 69 people — mostly teenagers — at a youth summer camp.

M for Macdonald’s is number 13 in the alphabet.

We keep seeing the 7’s everywhere

Jubilee Years are based on the Shemitah Years which occur every 7 years. Seven Shemitahs makes a Shemitah of Shemitahs. (7×7=49 years is the Shemitah of Shemitah cycle period.) The year following the 7th Shemitah Year is a Jubilee Year. While the Jubilee year follows the 7th Shemitah Year thus becoming the 50th year, the Jubilee year is also the 1st year of the new cycle thus keeping the 49 year cycle going.

Was Brexit Planned By The Elites To Create Chaos x 7?

More to follow. Keep us bookmarked for more evidence as it emerges.


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