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Cell Tower Removed Following Multiple Childhood Cancer Cases

Cell Tower Removed Following Multiple Childhood Cancer Cases

A cellphone tower has been removed from the campus of a California elementary school after several cases of childhood Cancers have developed in students over the past year. The families affected at Weston Elementary School in Ripon claim the tower could have exposed their kids to harmful radiation. The cell tower provider, Sprint, have said the tower operates below the Government safety limits and is no threat to student safety. However, despite this, the cell tower has now been removed from campus.

Kellie Prime’s son, Kyle, was just 10 years old when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2016.

“My son missed growing up with his friends. My son lost all of his hair. It’s not something that I wish on anybody to watch their child go through what our children have gone through.”

Just five months later, Kyle’s friend and classmate, Mason Ferrulli, developed brain cancer, Mason’s mother, Monica Ferrulli said in an interview:

“Fourteen hours to get the tumour out and he had five weeks of inpatient rehabilitation. He had to learn to walk, talk, eat, everything all over again,”

Two more children at the school have since been diagnosed with cancer this year.
“At what point are you saying, we gotta take a close look at the school here?” CBS News correspondent Carter Evans asked.

“The moment that I found out that Mason had been diagnosed… it popped into my mind that something was not OK,” Prime said. 
The mothers of the affected children believe the recent increase in cancer cases could be caused by radiation from radio frequency, or RF, waves coming from a cell tower located on the elementary school campus.

Outdated Safety Guidelines

As noted by Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley (an area that has taken a stricter stance on EMF awareness and safety), the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC):

“Guidelines for cellphone radiation adopted in 1996 are outdated and were mostly based on work done by industry-paid scientists.”

And here lies the problem, as with so many other sectors with potential health concerns the industry is being monitored primarily by itself, those looking to make a profit are providing the studies to clear their own products of any health concerns – which is clearly a problem.

With 5G roll out now in place we can expect millions more of these potentially deadly cell towers popping up in our environment and in the case of 5G they didn’t even bother to do safety trials even though the technology is different to previous wireless internet transmission technologies:


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