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How The Elite Stay In Power – Divide, Divide & Conquer! 

This video breaks down in simple terms the only way “those in power” can stay in power. It’s not as complex at it may seem. They need us more than we need them.

If the School system was ever intended to Educate Children then they’d be showing this in every class room around the Country.The power structure remains as it is because the structure ensures such information is not known to it’s majority populous.  Unfortunately for them the truth which was once know to just a minority is beginning to spread far and wide .

The revolution is not happening on the streets in protests, nor is it happening in parliament – the revolution is happening right now in the minds of man.

…..and it’s highly contagious!

“The race issue based on skin colour is a deeply emotional one among many, that has caused unimaginable separation and was used very craftily to position large groups of people against each other.

This is a wake-up call to all those who believe they are free because of 97369race or class or wealth.

We have all been denied freedom and dignity, trapped in a life of servitude to the banking families and their economic stranglehold on our planet – no matter what colour our skin may be.”

― Michael Tellinger

Video Source: Youtube


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