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Chinese Schools Enforce 'Smart Uniforms' to Surveil Students

Chinese Schools Enforce ‘Smart Uniforms’ to Surveil Students

China has moved one step closer to the dystopian future so many have been fearing for decades as they announce a new ‘Smart Uniform’ which is to be trialled in ten schools around China. Uniforms will be compulsory and using GPS will allow all students to be monitored in and out of school.

Schools will have the ability to raise alarms when students leave the boundaries of their school and even notify the teacher of a child’s whereabouts if they are late for class.

‘As students enter the school, the time and date are recorded along with a short video that parents can access via a mobile app. Facial recognition further ensures that each uniform is worn by its rightful owner to prevent students from cheating the system. Skipping classes triggers an alarm to inform teachers and parents of the truancy, while an automatic voice alarm activates if a student walks out of school without permission.’ [ABC NEWS]

The two chips are inserted into each uniform’s shoulders and can withstand up to 500 washes and 150 degrees Celsius, the company behind this nightmarish technology told state media Global Times.

An alarm will sound if a student falls asleep in class, while parents can monitor purchases their child makes at the school and set spending limits via a mobile app, according to the company’s official website.

We may all look on in horror at what China does to their people through this oppressive type of technology and control mechanisms that they implement into Chinese society – but you can expect technologies like this one to be implemented around the World in the future – the difference being we will probably be begging for the technology rather than have it enforced on us.

Further Reading: ABC News


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