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Brussels hope to expand its influence as far as Asia and Africa

Brussels hope to expand its influence as far as Asia and Africa

In a post-brexit referendum era you might well of come to  believe that the European Union was actually a team of angels who were placed upon the Earth to bring love, peace and happiness to all people – however as those who research and educate themselves outside of mainstream accepted academia may already know the EU’s agenda has nothing to do with Peace and Love ; and everything to do with Federating the Countries of the World into a single ‘Union’ controlled by a single Governing power.

From The Express today:

The latest EU foreign policy document, titled Global Strategy, calls for an extended reach into new spheres as distant as the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

It also outlined “gradual synchronisation and mutual adaptation” between different member states’ individual defence strategies.

“This global strategy by the EU is yet another reason why last Thursday’s result was a lucky escape for the UK.”

The latest plans, which reveal how the EU wants autonomy in defence and security matters, were outlined by foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

The Brussels document said: “European security and defence efforts should enable the EU to act autonomously while also contributing to and undertaking action in co-operation with NATO.

“Member States need the technological and industrial means to acquire and sustain those capabilities which underpin their ability to act autonomously.”

It added: “Gradual synchronisation and mutual adaption of national defence planning cycles and capability development practice can enhance strategic convergence between Member States.”

It’s no secret that the Worlds Elites ultimate goal is a One World Government, what many call a ‘New World Order’ (NWO) – Sold to the masses through the fabricated vision of unity and peace, a World without borders, people without prejudice, people without poverty, a Utopia. But the reality of such a setup is very different, place a handful of people to have power of the remaining 7 billion and we have a very big problem.

The European Union has always been looked upon as the best role model for a Global Federation, on the Wikipedia page for ‘World Government‘ the following is stated:

The most relevant model for the incremental establishment of a global federation may be the European Union (EU), which politically unites a large group of widely diverse (and some formerly hostile) nations spread over a large geographical area and encompassing over 500 million people. Though the EU is still evolving, it already has many attributes of a federal government, such as open internal borders, a directly elected parliament, a court system, an official currency (Euro) and a centralized economic policy.

The EU’s example is being followed by the African Union, the Union of South American Nations, the Organization of Central American States, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. A multitude of regional associations, aggregating most nations of the world, are at different stages of development towards a growing extent of economic, and sometimes political, integration. The European Union consists of twenty-eight European states. It has developed a “single market” which allows people of different countries to travel from state to state without a passport. This also includes the same policies when it comes to trading. The European Union is said to have 26% of the world’s money. Not all EU member states use the Euro; the United Kingdom, for example, retains the pound sterling. Where the Euro is in place, it allows easy access for the free circulation of trade goods. Tariffs are also the same for each country allowing no unfair practices within the union.

Power should always be divided and never consolidated.


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