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Youtube Censorship Forcing Thought Leaders Into Decentralized Platforms

Back in the summer of 2018 a blatant attack on free speech and investigative journalism began, it all started with Alex Jones and his Infowars channel.

In a coordinated attack Facebook, Youtube and Twitter removed Jones channels on the grounds that his media was in breach of their terms and conditions. Now whether you believe this was a covert Psyop which Alex Jones was apart of, or not a part of or just an outright direct attack on the biggest Alternative media platform out there is irrelevant. The end result is the same, the great culling of Alternative voices and media on all social media platforms and video sharing platforms had begun.

Since Infowars went down thousands upon thousands of Youtuber’s have seen their channels suspended, limited and in many cases removed indefinitely upon the same grounds of breach of t&cs.

Before to long Youtube will look little different to a state run media outlet like the UK’s BBC channel, with only carefully selected propaganda pieces available for viewing.

Decentralize Everything

As with so many problems our society is facing it all comes back to centralisation. A centralised Government is inherently destined to fail for the people it governs, a centralised monetary system is by its very nature going to have a one way flow of money from the bottom up, a centralised data sharing platform will ultimately amplify the voices it wants to suit their own agenda – it is human nature and it is why centralisation is a poor mechanism for humans to work with.

By decentralising power, whether that be government or globally connected media sharing platforms we can ensure minority groups do not infiltrate the service to their own benefit.

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 we have seen the beginning of a decentralised revolution begin to unfold, where Bitcoin attempts to Decentralise a monetary system, others projects have formed to try and decentralise other vital aspects of our society.

There have been a few attempts at decentralising media content and all have potential, however, one which is often overlooked and yet promises much is LBRY

LBRY – Content Freedom

LBRY has been around since 2016, it’s been slowly gaining traction over the past couple years and since the war on fake news and free speech was started earlier last year we have seen the uptake on platforms like LBRY increase dramatically.

LBRY can offer far more than just a Youtube alternative, the protocol allows for just about any type of media content sharing platform to be built.

LBRY is first and foremost a new protocol that allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network.


Their is already a LBRY app available for download on all common platforms giving content providers the ability to upload content and users to stream content to their devices.

The protocol uses a Cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin as the internal economy of the platform giving content providers the ability to provide pay-per-view services and users the ability to donate, tip and pay for media or services on the platform.

Development is still ongoing but as each new release becomes available ease of use is increasing and adoption is following suite.

Youtube Sync

If you are a content provider and would like to migrate your content over to the LBRY protocol then you’ll be glad to know there’s an app for that!

You will be guided through claiming your Channel and the migration process with relative ease. In an ever changing World of how we reach out to others ensuring your one step ahead is crucial in staying relevant.


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