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It’s Happening Right Now, Yet Most of You Haven’t Even Got a Clue

The human World we live in is changing so rapidly at the moment that from year to year society is becoming unrecognizable from what it was just years before, we are entering a World where man meets robot, where man lives with Robot and ultimately where man becomes robot.

If you think this sounds like some kind of screenplay for a new Hollywood blockbuster than I fully understand the confusion, however, the reality is that what we are about to experience in the next decade is likely to go far beyond what any top movie producer could conjure up for their latest movie.

We are being driven into the fourth industrial revolution, we are being plugged into the machine for good – the scary thing is most of society will be begging for what is inevitably their own demise.

If you missed our earlier article on AI Sex Robots you should take a look, an industry still in its early days at an estimated worth of $30 billion the ‘sex tech’ industry is expected to skyrocket as the quality of the products increases. In a future that is literally just years away, we will be able to buy a wife, train her to do what we want her to do, change her head if we feel the need.

There is even talk of children ai sex robots to try and alleviate paedophiles urges and thus protecting real children.

Reality Can Be Manufactured

With technology now readily available for those that can afford it, an artificial reality can be created.

In a time where False Flags are now a common occurrence in society, and at the same time more and more people are becoming awake, and aware to the continual lies and deceptions being told about events that occur around the World, this type of technology is crucial to ensure they can continue to deceive the public effectively.

If you haven’t seen details about these types of technologies before, this will blow your mind:

The Age Of AI Sex Robots Is Nigh


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