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The Hunt For Nibiru

The Hunt For Nibiru

The idea that another planet exists within our solar system has been circulating for centuries, Planet X as it was called prior to the downgrading of Pluto which brought the total number of known existing planets down to eight.

Planet X often gets referred to as Nibiru as well, this name is derived from the ancient writings of the Sumerians which according to Zakariah Sitchen talked of the Annunaki, an alien race who came from a planet called Nibiru.

This alien race according to Sitchen genetically engineered Humans mixing their own DNA with existing lifeforms on earth.

A little far fetched it maybe, but fascinating nevertheless. Regardless though scriptures and tablets have throughout history, all over the World referenced an additional planet within out solar system.

Nibiru translated from Sumerian is literally 12th Planet. The reason for 12th rather than 10th was because they included both the sun and the moon as planets, or so historians believe.

Farout Man!

A new discovery has been made which researchers hope could help them in the hunt for Nibiru. Another planetary object has been discovered by the team, it’s a dwarf planet and is about 120 Astronomical Units (AU) from the sun. They have nicknamed the discovery ‘Farout’

“All that we currently know about 2018 VG18 is its extreme distance from the sun, its approximate diameter, and its color,”

David Tholen, University of Hawaii and part of the discovery team
Artist’s concept of the newly discovered object 2018 VG18, nicknamed Farout.
Image: © Roberto Molar Candanosa/Carnegie Institution for Science

The team is hoping they will be able to use distant planets such as this one to help them discover the existence of Nibiru. Because Nibiru is said to be so vast in size it’s gravitational pull on smaller planetary objects is thought to be extremely far-reaching.

This gravitational pull on smaller planets will simply put, distort the trajectory of its orbit, which can then be monitored and from this data, the location of a ninth planet can hopefully be determined.

The team also found another planet nicknamed ‘The Goblin’ back in October of 2018.

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