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Ever Feel Like Time is Speeding Up?

Most of us have likely experienced this feeling as we get older, days roll into weeks that roll into years, you are just getting over the Christmas season and before you even get chance to catch your breath, low and behold Christmas jingles are being pumped out of the radio once again. Much of this feeling has been attributed to age by scientists over the years, as you get older your responsibilities increase, your days become full of constant attention requiring activities and so the days appear to pass you by far quicker – However, in the last decade this sense of time speeding up seems to be increasing, to the extent where even children are noticing it. So, is time speeding up?

Schuman Resonance

There are multiple theories to what is creating this phenomenon, the first being something called ‘Schuman Resonance’, this is the measurement of the frequency of the earth. Schuman Resonance measures the frequency of the earth. When this resonance was first measured in the 1950s, the earth’s frequency was 7.8 hertz. According to new studies, this has now increased to 12 Hertz. This increased frequency is believed to make what we attributed to the feeling of 24 hours back in the 1950’s feel like just 16 hours here in 2019.

Expansion of Life

Another theory explains how time perception is relative to the length of our lives and to the number of recurring milestones. So when you are doing things for the first time and when you are younger, that experience becomes a big milestone and forms a significant percentage of your life to date.

As you get older, your total length of existence becomes longer. Therefore the percentage of your life taken up by an experience becomes smaller. When you do things routinely, you also form a perception that they take less time. For instance, your first Christmases as a child seemed like they took forever to arrive, whereas now, they feel as if they arrive the day after

“It means that waiting 24 days for Christmas at age 5 literally feels like waiting a year at age 54.”


Technology Addiction

Another theory, one which explains why even young children are noticing this rapid acceleration of time is the idea that it is connected to the expansion of our technological environment.

JCU psychology lecturer, Dr Aoife McLoughlin has been examining how our brave new world of technology makes our brains faster, but also leaves us with the impression time is passing quickly.

“I’ve found some indication that interacting with technology and technocentric societies has increased some type of pacemaker within us. While it might help us to work faster, it also makes us feel more pressured by time,” [source]

Dopamine Addicts

On the surface it may seem like positive news that we are thinking faster than we ever have due to the continual supply of information being fed to us from every angle, however their are some serious consequences of this seemingly unlimited information flow into our brains – our attention span.

The more information available to us, the shorter our attention spans become. Microsoft did a study on just this, they measured attention spans using the vast amount of data available to them in 2000, then again in 2013.

Back in 2000 the average attention span was 12 seconds, when measured in the year 2013 this average dropped down to 8 seconds – that’s 1 second less than the attention span of a goldfish.

Microsoft play down the results as not being a problem, however it is a problem. As we become flooded with yet more and more information our attention span will inevitably become less and less – social media is largely responsible for this and with its instant gratification foundation it is turning us all into dopamine addicts.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of Dopamine addiction and the affects it will inevitably have on our children check out Simon Sineks video in the article below:

The Death of Critical Thinking

While our brains may be working faster, they are becoming less thorough in the processing. As information is flowing in at record speeds there is little time for pondering or analysing the data coming in. This is a serious threat to critical thinking, it results in taking everything at face value, without question. Perfect for your Government, not so perfect for the future of human society.

Critical thinking is so important, it is crucial to the advancement of civilisation, it is how deceptions are uncovered, it is how problems are solved effectively – without it we are merely cattle being guided to the slaughter house.

We need to take time out from the information flow, turn of your technology, sit down in a comfy chair and breath, think, ponder – maybe even pull out a book from your dusty bookshelf. Learn to think for yourself again rather than just processing the thoughts of others – Learn to live and enjoy every second of every minute of every hour in all the blessed days you have here on earth. Otherwise, one day it’ll all be over and you’ll wonder where all the time has gone.


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