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Question Everything

Question Everything, Except Your Own Beliefs?

We recently published an article which suggested the possibility that Julian Assange was not all that he appeared to be. The article contained a documentary by Richard D Hall which promoted the idea that Wikileaks is in fact designed and maintained by the Deep State itself.

Within minutes of publishing the article, it became apparent that many people found this theory offensive. Within 24 hours we received offensive and abusive emails in defence of Wikileaks and their Demigod, Assange.

We make no apologies for questioning the authenticity of one of the biggest players in the Truth Movement. We have published many an article in favour of Wikileaks and Assange over the years, however, unlike most, we continually question everything, including our own beliefs and previous judgements.

UNCOVERED – Assange & WikiLeaks a Covert Intelligence Operation

Are we the fools for having no limitations and boundaries to where we shine the torch?

We saw a similar reaction when we published an article regarding Infowars, once again this is an organisation which we have referenced and supported over the years, however, we began to feel ever more uncomfortable with what we hearing and seeing from Alex and the Team and so we dug deep and published an extensive article on many facts and some theories surrounding Infowars.

Controlled Opposition | Infowars Exposed

Delusion & Demigods

Is it really so far fetched to consider that the very Elite which the Alternative Media and Truthers alike consistently discuss as ruling the World could also be controlling the opposition and in some cases entirely fabricating the opposition?

Just be something is convincing and even a large proportion of the time giving out what appears to be good information doesn’t mean it’s overall purpose of existence is. In fact, the best deceptions are made by those which are honest at least 90% of the time. Hiding deceptions in a well of truth is very hard to spot.

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Alex Jones are just to name a few, who all have become to many, a demigod, a hero. But we should refrain as much as possible from becoming attached to the figure in any organisation, it clouds our judgement as our judgement of the organisation and its motives are now emotionally attached to the person we so highly regard. When someone makes an accusation of any sort, or even a negative suggestion about the demigod and/or the organisation they represent, an instant denial of the theory or fact is given.

Self-deception and cognitive dissonance are not just traits found in those who live within mainstream society, it is just as strong, if not stronger at times in those that live within the Alternative movement.


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