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How To Pull The Heartstrings Of The Public – The Iconic ‘Syrian Boy’ Psyop

Remember Omran the Syrian boy who was caught up in another Syrian bombing attack last August?

Well he’s back in the news again today, although not for the same reasons we are writing this.

Most of the mainstream news have revealed photo’s today of this boy now, fully recovered and looking healthy, which we can all agree is great news. From the Telegraph:

New photographs have emerged of Omran Daqneesh, the little Syrian boy whose image was seen around the world as a symbol of the suffering of Aleppo.

Three-year-old Omran became a global icon last August after his home was bombed by Russian or Syrian regime forces in the final months of the siege of Aleppo.

Omran Daqneesh during the siege of Aleppo, left, and today, right. 

But what the media are failing to tell you is the circumstances surrounding the photo shoot of this child. Whether the boy was as injured, or even injured at all is unknown and irrelevant, either way he has been a victim.

But, as we see in the header video this boy has been setup in a photo shoot to best dramatise the situation, if the child is genuinely as injured as we were led to believe this is just disgusting and the press involved should be ashamed of themselves, if the boy’s injuries are faked and the boy has been used merely to create a scenario which can be fed to the minds of those around the World, then equally this is disgusting.

From 21st Century Wire:

Raslan gave a tear-jerking account of his role in Omran’s rescue and the taking of the arresting image:

“While taking the photo and looking at the boy, I was crying, while pleased that I was doing my job and taking a powerful photo. I wanted the focus to be clear. When I really started to sob was when I saw the eight-year-old sister of Omran. His sister was as calm as him and she had a similar injury in the face and eye. She made me cry 10 times stronger. We are humans, we are people. I was crying for the children and fearing that my daughter may go through the same experience.”

The same Mahmoud Raslan who talks of his emotional moment taking a photo of Omran was also captured in a photo with those responsible for the beheading of a Palestinian boy late last year:

21st Century Wire continues:

Raslan was far from an innocent observer of a child’s plight. He was swiftly identified as the supporter and selfie-taker appearing with Syria’s militant extremist group, Nour Al Din Zinki, notoriously noted for their brutal torture, humiliation and public beheading of 12 year old Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa.

Father Of Omran Claims Terrorists Used Photo As Propaganda

A report from Sputnik News presents us the boy’s father revealing what happened on the day when his injured son was caught on camera, and how the Syrian militants used his son as a tool in their propaganda fight against the Syrian government.

Mainstream Media Celebrating ‘Moderate Rebels’ Responsible For Beheading Palestinian Boy


What you won’t see in the Western backed media are pictures of Children maimed and brutally injured or killed by US and UK funded bombs. But rest assured there are plenty of them and they didn’t even require a fake photo shoot to shock the public!

The Omran photo was the second of its kind to go viral and really intensify the emotions of the Western Worlds populations. The first was the photo of a drowned Syrian child Aylan:

But once again, this child, dead in this case, was positioned for the sake of dramatising the photo for maximum affect as the following image appears to point out:

alyan staged

Sleep well Aylan and every other child that has suffered and died as a direct result to the evil few that rule this World.


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