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Is Marco Arturo the 12 year-old Vaccine boy an elaborate pro-vaccine hoax?

Is Marco Arturo the 12 year-old Vaccine boy an elaborate pro-vaccine hoax?

Meet Marco Arturo, the twelve year old scientist, expert in immunology and vaccine efficacy and safety. Or maybe not…… If you haven’t already watch Marco’s video below before continuing:

This brief video explains how A+ Media, Google, Walgreens, Disney and other pro-profit, pro-vax zealots put a video on the fast track to Internet hits. Maready dissects this video with precision from the Google/Internet instant viral position to the actual video production. 

Walgreens has revoked their sponsorship of the Marco Arturo article on A Plus after a campaign by Hear This Well and hundreds of parents of vaccine injured children.}

I told myself I was done talking about this little catfish but I have to say one last thing on the matter after some friends were sleuthing around and something became apparent.

In case you missed it, on May 30th Ashton Kutcher shared Marco’s video as a story on Kutcher’s media site A Plus. By then it was starting to go viral, so it’s no surprise that Kutcher’s Buzzfeed-like website picked it up, right?

Maybe.  Maybe they came across it on their own. Maybe on May 30th it was just good fortune that this previously unknown 12-year old in Mexico had someone notify him about Ashton Kutcher’s Facebook status when he was standing by with his smartphone, because that kid shared Kutcher’s post within 21 minutes of it going up. A pretty impressive social media sprint for an unknown kid, but whatever.

Levi Quackenboss asked the initial question, “Who is this kid and how did he go viral so fast,” on his site.

All the evidence points towards this nerdy, cute 12 year old self proclaimed ‘science kid’ to be nothing but a shill, signed and paid for by the corrupt pro-vaccine communities. After all it’s getting desperate times with huge declines in Vaccine uptakes across the western World and report after report of lives devastated by Vaccines.



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