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Brexit Smear Campaign

Faces of Brexit or Faces of a media smear campaign against an educated majority

Within hours of the results coming through the media have begun a new campaign ; A smear campaign against anyone who ‘Dared’ vote out of the Corporate owned tyrannical European Union.

Electoral services workers have reported calls from people asking if they could change their decision after Friday’s result became clear, while some publicly admitted they intended to use a “protest vote” in the belief the UK was certain to remain in the European Union.

The Independent 


In the following clip from the BBC a man who voted out of the EU was ‘surprised to find his vote matters’

“I’m a bit shocked to be honest.

I’m shocked that we actually have voted to Leave, I didn’t think that was going to happen.

My vote, I didn’t think was going to matter too much because I thought we were just going to Remain, and the David Cameron resignation has blown me away to be honest.

I think the period of uncertainty that we’re going to have for the next couple of months, that’s just been magnified now.

So yeah, quite worried.”

A video which has been circulating quite rapidly on Social media is of someones Girlfriend giving her reasons why she voted out. Whether the video is fake or genuine is unknown and irrelevant.

I personally voted leave believing these lies and I regret it more than anything, I feel genuinely robbed of my vote😡😤😭

— khembe (@rambogiblet) June 24, 2016

Mandy Suthi, a student who voted to leave, told ITV News she would tick the Remain box if she had a second chance and said her parents and siblings also regretted their choice.

“I would go back to the polling station and vote to stay, simply because this morning the reality is kicking in,” she said.

I’m surprised we are not seeing more racist brexiteers in the media talking of their happiness now we can ‘close the borders’ and kick all the Muslims out of the UK, we’ve seen plenty of Nigel Farage being his usual arrogant self though. I’m sure the media will soon dig up some willing far-right bigots to interview, it’s only a matter of time.

These are not the faces of Brexit voters, these are the faces of a media smear campaign attempting to brainwash the minority ‘remain’ camp into believing that they made the right choice and just lost to uneducated idiots who didn’t deserve to vote.  – the sad thing is , it’s working!

People are genuinely believing this propaganda, if you take five minutes of your time and search through the major media networks you will find the same 3 or 4 tweets, the same couple of TV interviews but that’s about it. What you won’t find is any interviews or statements from people who voted out based on their knowledge of the EU and what it stands for. You will not hear from the millions of intelligent people who can think beyond the artificial reality that is created for us via media and government.

We always knew that a battle was just beginning when the results came through for the referendum – they will not take this lying down!



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