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Cyber Warfare - The War on Your Mind

Cyber Warfare – The War on Your Mind

You may think this title was some clever ploy to get you interested in the article, click bait so to speak, unfortunately it’s not – in fact the title doesn’t really do the subject justice as the truth is far more terrifying!

Back in May 2008 The Scientific American magazine publish an article entitled ‘Mind Control by Cell Phone’ – Though the article mocks the idea that the technology would be used in such a way, it does reveal that mobile phones do produce mind altering frequencies.

Although this research shows that cell phone transmissions can affect a person’s brainwaves with persistent effects on behaviour, Horne does not feel there is any need for concern….

Scientific American

However, technology moves on and with it so does malicious intent at attacking the human mind. It’s pretty hard to know the full extent of exactly how these new technologies are being used maliciously as just about all whistle blowers or people claiming to be ‘Cyber Security Experts’ are ridiculed by the mainstream technology community – however, when you listen to many of these people and you discover some of the leaked information out there you soon become open to the possibility that something is going on.

Forced Orgasm by Cell Towers

Take this following information for example, Muckrock, a non-profit group that helps induviduals file FIA requests, was attempting to dig up some information about the Washington State Fusion Center’s investigations into Antifa and white nationalists. 

What they got sent was not what they expected and still to this day has no explanation to what exactly the information implies, the archive they were sent was titled “EM effects on human”. The documents are about “psycho-electronic” weapons and “Remote Brain Mapping” devices.

There are three documents in the archive relating to reports of assessments made at the California State Threat Assessment Centre, these are of little interest, however, there are also three images which are rather interesting:

In this First image it shows how using mobile phone network towers and mobile phones mind control can be achieved. It depicts the use of different methods to achieve both induvidual and group mind control via ‘Mobile Psychotronic Weapon carriers’.

In this second image we are given how Psycho-Electronics can affect the human body. Some of the effects that can be caused are quite disturbing, including ‘Go here’ and ‘Go there’ commands, intense pain and forced Orgasm.

Finally, in this third image, it appears to be talking about the identification of objects including living creatures, specifically humans using electronic frequency transmission.

War is Fought Over The Airwaves

The days are gone where wars are fought over land and sea, nations are downsizing their military personal and rapidly increasing the number of hackers, programmers and scientists they have ‘fighting’ for them. The next major War will not be won by the nation with the largest guns, but by the nation with the greatest technologists on-board.

The following video is an interview with James Scott, now Scott has been largely ridiculed and pronounced as a fraud within the technology community and though i’d agree his history does seem somewhat scattered and his qualification for his current line of work is mostly self appointed, this aside little of what he talks about is being debunked, in fact much of what he talks about has been talked and written about for years by multiple other people. Check out the video and make your own judgement, be sure to watch the second part of the video which will automatically play after the first one finished:

Assume the Worst

Whether you believe everything that self-proclaimed experts tell us or not, it would be irresponsible not to take precaution, some things we know for sure, they are not hidden, they are not secret, they are in the privacy t&c’s of every mobile app you install. Facebook tell you that they have full control over your camera and microphone for example, we generally press accept and carry on without a thought, but the implications of this are far reaching.

Mind control is possible, experiments have been done openly and in secret for decades and the results are clear, the human mind can be controlled through a variety of techniques, with microwave frequencies being the most efficient.

It’s better to play safe and take simple precautions to protect yourself and your family, limit usage in children, if not for the reasons mentioned here in this article do it for the warping of your child’s social perception that social media causes. It’s no coincidence that since the introduction of Social media to youngsters the numbers of suicides and self-harming having grown exponentially.

Jonathan Haidt talks about this with Joe Rogan in a recent interview, some of the statistics will make you want to ban your children from using Social media forever:

Mind control via social Engineering is a far bigger problem right now than mind control via cell phone towers and microwave frequencies, however as technology advances and the competition to win over your mind becomes more aggressive you can be sure that the latter will take over the former sometime in the future.


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