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Coronavirus has Brainwashed the Public Further into Stupidity

We dont really know much about the COVID-19 virus, but one thing we can be sure of is the consequences we are seeing unfold underneath our very eyes.

The general public has had their emotions guided at every stage of this event, from the minute it broke out in Wuhan, to present day. The media have played the biggest role in this psychological fire storm, literally shuffling the cattle down the road towards their execution.

We saw this with the strong criticism of panic buying, with the media showing at first, fake images of shelves being emptied due to panic buying, then the real panic buying begins and the media condemn the panic buyers and start a witch hunt for anyone buying more than 2kg of rice or pasta.

Which is ridiculous when you consider the situation, the shelves are indeed empty, the supply chains are quickly breaking down, tell me – Where are you going to get your food supplies when the shops are entirely empty?

Stocking up on dried foods and essentials is the behaviour of a ration induvidual, not doing so is the just irresponsible towards your family. This could all blow over next week, but most likely this will get far worse before it gets better.

According to

The public are becoming increasingly wary of social media coverage of coronavirus, including awareness of fake news and misinformation online, according to focus groups tracking people’s response to the outbreak.

Mainstream news is winning the day, apparently people are becoming increasingly more stupid and believing the indoctrination machine is their new best friend.

Its getting rough out there folks – we’ll keep you posted!


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