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Pictures of Prince ‘No Sweat’ Andrew Not Partying Emerge Just Hours After BBC Interview

Just hours after the already infamous interview with Prince Andrew was aired on the BBC, where the Prince stated he doesn’t really party among dozens of other ridiculous statements, pictures emerge which seem to contradict his non-partying claims.

The Duke of York was pictured enjoying the company of the German Victoria Secret model Heidi Klum (right) alongside Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell (centre) at an upscale New York nightclub in October 2000
The Duke of York attended the party alongside British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell (centre), who is accused of acting as procurer and sex abuser in Jeffrey Epstein’s twisted underage sex ring. Klum and the Duke appear at ease together

The following picture is definitely not a party, it’s definitely not a Halloween hookers n’ Pimps themed party – Honest!

Prince Andrew is seen standing among a group of revellers at a Hookers and Pimps-themed Halloween party held in New York in October 2000
Another picture of the prince at the same ‘get together’ not partying.
More boring nights out for the honourable princeling

If you haven’t watched the interview yet, you really should – If you had any doubts about the validity of the claims against Prince Andrew and his relationship to Jeffery Epstein and Epsteins sex slaves this might just clear up those doubts.


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