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Study States ‘Breast Feeding Is Not Natural for Women’

American journalist and news analyst, Cathy Areu, is interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News promoting a new study which she claims conclude that Breastfeeding is not natural.

Yes that’s right, in this interview Cathy seems to enter the twilight zone and make the most ridiculous statements ever made such as:

‘here are lactation experts out there, there’s a whole industry out there.. So it doesn’t come naturally to women.’

and even more hilariously:

‘This Breast Feeding phenomenon has been going on for the last ten years…’

You maybe thinking that Cathy Areu is a comedian or playing some kind of April fools prank, but it would seem she is entirely genuine in expressing her ridiculous beliefs.

She also has publicly pledged her support for ‘Theybies’. Theybies is a label that progressives are using to identify newborn ‘humans’. The idea is that babies shouldn’t have their sex identified until the child is older enough to decide for itself.


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