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New Intelligence from Scotland yard suggests your Christmas Turkey may be a Terrorist

Shocking new information has been revealed from British Intelligence services which suggests not even our Christmas Dinner maybe safe from Jihadi Terrorists. Thats right, news information which has been leaked by hacker group ‘Kopzwerpz’ has revealed that Scotland yard have discovered that ISIS terrorist cells may of set up a Turkey farm here in the UK with the intention to use them as cunning weapons. In an email leaked by the hacker group it states:

‘We have evidence of at least two people which look like Muslims working on a Turkey farm within the UK, as we all know anyone who is a Muslim is potentially a terrorist and from this we have concluded that our Christmas Turkeys maybe at Risk.’

If you believe your Turkey maybe a bomb please do not cook it under any circumstances and report your suspicions to your local Police Station immediately .

This new information comes soon after the recent discovery by the The Sun aka ‘Pioneers of truth’ that ‘1 in 5 Muslims sympathise for Jihadis’ – This new information will do nothing to ease the tensions forming between Non-Muslim and Muslim communities.

These are dangerous times and if you even started to believe this article from the title or first paragraph that is why it is dangerous times!


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