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Zika Virus – What They Are Not Telling You?

The recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil is now being linked to genetically modified mosquitoes developed by the British biotech company Oxitec, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Oxitec has been releasing the genetically modified Aedes mosquitoes into the wild in Brazil since 2011 to battle dengue fever. The company produces up two million genetically modified mosquitoes a week in its factory in Campinas, Brazil.

The Aedes mosquito is the world’s most dominant variety of mosquito, and the only two countries in the Americas that don’t have this mosquito are Chile and Canada. The Zika virus, which has been detected in 18 of the 26 states in Brazil, is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito.

Zika Virus ATCC VR-84 – Birth Defects

Over 4,000 babies have now been born in Brazil with shrunken brains since November 1, 2015. Brazil normally gets approximately 150 cases of this type of birth defect each year, which means abnormal births of this type have increased by approximately 13,000 percent. [4]

While the Brazilian government rushes to blame the Zika virus (ATCC VR-84) for this huge rise in abnormal birth defects, the facts remain clear.

Only a small number of babies with birth defects, who died, had the virus in their brain. This means a large number of the babies who died had no Zika virus in their brain.

Hard to blame Zika then, which has been around since before 1948 and has never been known to cause birth defects. In fact, Zika makes only one in five people get “mildly” sick with flu-like symptoms, with no symptoms at all in 4 out of 5 people. So why are they quick to blame a generally benign Zika virus?

In late 2014, the Brazilian minister of health announced that a new Tdap shot would be mandatory for all expectant mothers starting in 2015. Records now show that all mothers with birth defect babies received this newly formulated vaccine while pregnant.

The timeliness of the Tdap vaccine and the rise in birth defects is more than just a little coincidental. The consequences of this untested vaccine is what is being swept under the rug. Which brings us once again to Bill Gates, the King of Eugenics and Vaccines.

In 2015 the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program, received a $307,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to study the immune responses of pregnant women who receive the Tdap (reduced-dose acellular pertussis vaccines combined with tetanus and diphtheria toxoids) vaccine. One cannot find the raw results.

In 2011, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a recommendation that pregnant women receive the Tdap shot at 20 weeks gestation. Tdap combines the Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccines into a single jab. The Tdap shot has never been proven safe for use during pregnancy. In fact, Tdap is classified by the FDA as a Class C drug indicating it is NOT A SAFE CHOICE during pregnancy[2].

FACT: Drug companies did not test the safety and effectiveness of giving influenza or Tdap vaccine to pregnant women before the vaccines were licensed in the U.S. and there is almost no data on inflammatory or other biological responses to these vaccines that could affect pregnancy and birth outcomes.

There are ingredients in influenza and pertussis containing Tdap vaccines that have not been fully evaluated for potential genotoxic or other adverse effects on the human fetus developing in the womb that may negatively affect health after birth, including aluminum adjuvants, mercury containing (Thimerosal) preservatives and many more bioactive and potentially toxic ingredients.

Is it any wonder there was a rush to place the birth defect epidemic blame elsewhere? The fact that Brazil subjected its pregnant women to such a mandatory untested vaccine is genocidal, and now they know it. They bought the kool-aid without doing the precautionary research. Or perhaps they received enough money to look the other way.

Consequently, the United States is now pushing to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus. Haven’t we been down this road before with mainstream media’s Ebola scares and the predictable rush to capitalize on a lucrative vaccine for all those in fear for their life (which they already had waiting in the wings)?

The Zika Virus – Myths, Lies & Propaganda Exposed

To make matters worse, Brazil says they will mobilize 220,000 soldiers to fight the Zika virus. Soldiers are being ordered to go door-to-door to spray insecticides in neighborhoods to help kill mosquitoes. Toxic insecticide spraying around pregnant women and children? Are they insane? To compound the insanity further…

The government says it will distribute mosquito repellent to some 400,000 pregnant women who receive cash-transfer benefits. Officials in El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil have also suggested women stop getting pregnant until the crisis has passed. [4]

Now, there’s a definite win for Bill Gatespopulation control agenda. Just scare people into avoiding sex and getting pregnant. In fact, recently they suggested that the Zika virus “might be” a sexually transmitted disease, just because it was found in one man’s semen who had the Zika virus. They can try to plant the seeds of deadly fear once again, but don’t you believe a word of such nonsense.

Pressure is building on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare Zika an emergency of international concern. Under the International Health Regulations, Director General Dr. Margaret Chan can establish an emergency committee, which can green light global vaccination campaigns with experimental vaccines. Are you getting the picture?

There’s more to this story… Now, scientists in Brazil are studying genetic sequences of mosquitoes allegedly transmitting the Zika virus and other diseases to see whether changes have occurred that could have generated mutant mosquitoes.

The mosquito Gates released was likely to be a long-term dream of his he had for forced birth control and forced vaccinations, which he has been working on since 2003.

In the forced vaccination scenario, the mosquitoes are genetically programmed to produce the “vaccine” permanently once released into the environment, so they would not have to release new mosquitoes EVER again. Their effects would simply become part of nature.

This means that at some time in your life you and everyone else is bound to be bitten by a mosquito created by Bill Gates. God help us all!

Now in addition to this just have a look at who first gathered and retained a sample of the Zika Virus back in the 1940’s:

Zika Virus - Rockefeller Foundation
Zika virus (ATCC® VR-84™) – Rockefeller Foundation


That’s right no other than the Rockefeller foundation.

Source: Trinfinity8

Other references:

[1] Oxitec [2] The Healthy Home Economist [3] BBC

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I wouldn’t have a vaccination unless my life seriously needed it. No smoke without fire. Anybody who trusts their government in anything is short of a few marbles, I MHO.


Need more info to be credible, were babies who died with no trace of zika in their brains all microcephallic? I live in Brazil and cannot see them doing so many autopsies. Where are your references? There is a spike of this condition in other South American countries, too. Does the same situation apply?


Check where your banks invest your ‘savings and investments’ – iow follow the money. You can withdraw your support where it hurts.

Carlos Ebert

I have no patience for conspiracy theories.

Obgyn doc

As an obgyn we encourage flu and TDAP vaccines in pregnancy and no I have not delivered any babies with microcephaly or other problem as a result of it….so this is just more antivaxxer propaganda. But I do believe there could be something to the genetically modified mosquito….



Since your in the medical field I strongly suggest looking at your morals.

Professor Sense
Obgyn doc. Calling people who are concerned about the toxins in vaccines, antivaxxer [sic], is like calling people who are concerned about the toxins in the ocean, anti-oceaners. No one with a brain is anti-vaccine. Most people are “anti” what they put in many vaccines, and how vaccines are used for unethical purposes. The anti, anti-vaccination propaganda, is a product of the spin artists. It’s the same technique used to discredit someone, as a tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorists; for merely questioning the official narrative! Many vaccines are very useful in their purest sense, but you have to understand,… Read more »
Most cases of microcephaly was in northeastern Brazil representing 86% of cases of microcephaly, the places where most played transgenic mosquitoes, Were sites que had zika virus, but it shouldnt be the other way reduce mosquitoes cases and was not that happened. Northeastern Brazil is dry centuries from the time of colonial Brazil, but the mosquitoes will only play on a vast area of water, something que northeastern Brazil is dry year. Africa has always had zika and never had any cases of microcephaly. medication errors inflate number of suspected cases of microcephaly in Pernambuco, in the last balance sheet… Read more »

dTap vaccine and flu vaccine also offered to all pregnant women in Uk too since 2012 with no such rise in birth defects.


Interesting, and I don’t completely doubt it. However, what caused the 150 cases per year prior to the mandatory vaccination?


Nature… Just this

John Robinson
fushia fairy

Who did the research that proves every mother of all 4000 babies had the vaccine? There are no names, footnotes, or links for that information.
Yes , the DTap is recommended, but mothers can and do turn it down while pregnant. I would.


If the author had no support for the claim that all mothers of microcephalic babies in Brazil, then why was the claim made? That is a serious claim and if this site is that careless it will not and should not have any credibility.

Also need a source for the Gates Foundation mosquito production claim. Yes, sadly they are major investors in population control, but making random claims without support is bad for everyone.



Arlene Johnson
Even though Bill Gates has retired from Microsoft, he must still have an interest in it. We can cut him down if we boycott anything Microsoft, because here is just some of what he is doing: http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-30/24.html I erroneously thought that this was good news, so published it at http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-25/23.html The first link is the reality. The only good news is that I exposed what had been done. It´s also my understanding that he is in the process of “encouraging” African governments to adopt GMO seeds for their farmers. African farmers would not know about Indian farmers who have committed… Read more »

He has promoted and funded plants that already have drugs in them.