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The Zika Virus – Myths, Lies & Propaganda Exposed

Throughout modern history, disease has been used as a form of control.

Problem (Virus) – Reaction (Fear) – Solution (Vaccination)

In the 1950’s we had exactly this with the Polio epidemic, the fear was placed into the heart and souls of everyone, people reacted with panic and fear, and a solution was provided. The Polio Vaccine is still being used to this day on 80% of the population of the World, billions in revenue to the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry. The fear of Polio is still alive and well in the minds of the populous – but it is not based on fact, it is based on a manufactured narrative.

The Zika virus scare is no different. The information has been vague from day one, with contradictory information every which way we turn. The links to Microcephaly are not based on Science, they are based on fear.

Dr. John Bergamn breaks down the lies and propaganda being spouted by the CDC, WHO and the state sponsored media.

The Zika Files | DEET is part of a binary chemical weapon targeting your brain



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