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When Pro-Vaxxers Become Ex-Vaxxers – The District Attorney

District Attorney Nico LaHood shares his story on how he and his wife went from Pro-Vaxxer to Ex-Vaxxer.

We first heard of LaHood’s story in the Documentary Vaxxed, Lahood received a lot of backlash from his appearance in the film and as you’d expect has been under attack ever since from the mainstream media.

His claims that Vaccines caused his son’s Autism has been dismissed by the usual media pundits, but as usual, rather than make any attempt to give reason and evidence to back up their claims that LaHood got it wrong they smear LaHood’s character.

One headline reads from the daily beast ‘Texas’ Anti-Islam, Anti-Vaccine, Born-Again Christian Candidate Is a Democrat’.

We’ll say it once more, the science isn’t settled, Science is never settled and those that keep making this dangerous statement should be called out for what they are – liars.


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Paul Smith
Paul Smith

Good for you District Attorney Nico LaHood. When the corporations and the media all sit on each other’s boards of directors they will relentlessly attack to protect profits and the suffering families and children be damned


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