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UK to Incentivize Vaccination Uptake Through New Contractural Service

In a desperate attempt to increase vaccine uptake in the United Kingdom the Government will implement an incentive to GP’s who reach targets each month.

Beginning with the MMR vaccine in 2020, GP’s will get £10 per vaccine given, plus extra payments for GP’s that reach given targets for what they believe is required for herd immunity.

Pulse Today reports:

The item of fee payment will be fixed at £10.06 for the next three years. Under the agreement, there will be incentive payments for practices that achieve the required coverage for vaccinations which benefit from a ‘herd immunity effect’, such as MMR. This will form part of a new QOF domain.

We could mention the fact that herd immunity is now thought to be virtually impossible using vaccinations due to the rapid waning of vaccine-induced immunity, or the fact that no vaccinated mother is going to pass natural immunity to their newborn baby, there is so much in question over the safety and efficacy of vaccines – but apparently the science doesn’t matter anymore, vaccine uptake at whatever cost does.

The article continues:

Dr Richard Vautrey, GPC chair at the BMA, said: ‘Vaccinations and immunisation are a core part of general practice and essential to protecting the health and wellbeing of our communities.

‘We hope these changes will not only simplify the system for practices, but will also enable greater uptake of immunisations overall.’

This new reform is going to cost an extra £30 million per year, now wouldn’t it be better to use that money in educating GP’s on the science behind vaccines, after all, medical school dedicates virtually no time at all on the science behind vaccines, the current known risks and side effects – they are simply taught how to administer.

£30 million a year would go a long way in improving their knowledge on the medical procedure they push onto millions of people including children and babies every year.

Just a thought.


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